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The Garden, Kill Surrrf, Killer Bangs at Broadcast, 7/11/15

Tonight Broadcast is treated to an act so unusual that they are almost otherworldly. The Garden take to the stage as a thrash metal two-piece, but morph continuously through out the set. The two longhaired blonde Californians wear matching slacks, for them whipping a crowd into frenzy is as easy as business admin. Suddenly a drum machine takes … Continue Reading ››

Hinds, Oscar, Kill Surrrf at Broadcast, 21/5/15

When Hinds (FKA Deers) first played Glasgow, they got Kill Surrrf to open with a depleted line-up of just vocal/guitar/drums and it sounded pretty amazing, so when a full band shows up this time round it should be even better, shouldn’t it? Well, it is definitely is. Absent this time is frontman Johnny Lynn’s slightly awkward awareness … Continue Reading ››

Label Focus: Fuzzkill Records

Label Focus is a new feature on Rave Child where we plan to run regular articles highlighting those hard working folk that put out some of the best music in Scotland. For the first edition we didn’t look further than fuzzy lo-fi fans Fuzzkill Records, who have had us hooked since their first release less than … Continue Reading ››

Kill Surrf – ‘I Can’t Sleep For Dreaming Of You’ [Fuzzkill]

Kill Surrrf definitely seems way more relaxed on this track than usual. The track has a really dreamy quality about it vocals spread themselves around creating a rich, hazy atmosphere. While this ‘I Can't Sleep For Dreaming Of You’ is definitely more out there (at least sonically speaking) than the band’s earlier work, nothing feels tacked on … Continue Reading ››

Deathcats, Shithawks, Kill Surrrf, SHARPTOOTH at The Old Hairdressers, 8/5/14

Another solid Fuzzkill curated lined-up sparked the first of two exciting split tape releases, this one for Deathcats and Shithawks, Shit Death. Glasgow all female four-piece SHARPTOOTH start proceedings with a set that lingers in haunting dark beauty before throwing out some attention grabbing harsh moment that all add up to an addictive opening. It’s a confident … Continue Reading ››

Live review: New Year’s Revolution with Deathcats, Kill Surrrf, Secret Motorbikes, GARDEN OF ELKS at Tut’s, 13/1/14

1458566_590358731019443_1732808167_nIt’s a New Year – everyone’s in good spirits for a while but then there’s the realisation that you’re skint and there’s a whole lack of live entertainment in January until Celtic Connections kicks off. That’s not necessarily true as King Tut’s remedy the dead season with … Continue Reading ››

Live review: King Tuff, Halfrican, Kill Surrrf, It Girl at Broadcast, 12/5/13

1_MG_9953-2 Tonight is somewhat of a mouth-watering occasion, with three hot local bands with their own level of plaudits supporting the infectiously fun garage rock n’ roll of King Tuff. First up are the relatively ungooogleable It Girl, who are possibly the most commercially accessible act of the … Continue Reading ››

Live review: Tijuana Bibles (EP launch), Kill Surrrf, Pirate Sons at The Art School, 19/4/13

Gearing the crowd up is Pirate Sons, a three piece from Edinburgh, a band that sound like they know the feeling of proper rock. Their catchy lyrics and upbeat songs make it an easy listen for the gathering crowd, with ‘Vendetta’ seeming the most popular track, a song implying its either about love or revenge, with … Continue Reading ››