Kill Surrf – ‘I Can’t Sleep For Dreaming Of You’ [Fuzzkill]

Kill Surrrf definitely seems way more relaxed on this track than usual.

The track has a really dreamy quality about it vocals spread themselves around creating a rich, hazy atmosphere.


While this ‘I Can’t Sleep For Dreaming Of You’ is definitely more out there (at least sonically speaking) than the band’s earlier work, nothing feels tacked on everything really serves the song.

It’s obvious that the band really took some time with the arrangement as well nothing overlaps or envelops another element.

The drums and bass hold a solid foundation and everything sits really well, even the backing vocals are distinguishable.

It rewards repeat listeners as every time you go back something new seeps out of the mix to greet you.

‘I Can’t Sleep For Dreaming Of You’ is definitely a step in a new direction for Kill Surrrf in terms of production, experimentation and song writing.

Words: Phil Allen


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