Hinds, Oscar, Kill Surrrf at Broadcast, 21/5/15

When Hinds (FKA Deers) first played Glasgow, they got Kill Surrrf to open with a depleted line-up of just vocal/guitar/drums and it sounded pretty amazing, so when a full band shows up this time round it should be even better, shouldn’t it?

Well, it is definitely is.


Absent this time is frontman Johnny Lynn’s slightly awkward awareness of not being at full-force, this being replaced by a small batch of fans eager and willing to cause a ruckus, and an awesomely convincing performance of summery, sweetly written songs.

Oscar, the band project of London’s Oscar Scheller, have been Hinds’ full tour support and hands are barely laid on instruments before it becomes apparent that tonight’s bill couldn’t have been more appropriately filled.

Carrying on in a similar way to Kill Surrrf, Oscar demonstrates a brilliant ability to craft and deliver his own melody heavy, beach-y guitar pop.

To the dismay of a guitarist and the amusement of a drummer, an amp crashes off stage, but this seems to fuel enthusiasm rather than deter or knock confidence.

All in all Scheller’s band nail it, deflecting some unimaginative heckling in the process and hopefully winning some new fans.

No longer playing under the moniker “Deers” because of some legal crap, Hinds take to the stage of Broadcast six months after their first visit here.

The opener is not among the few currently released online, so I’m unsure of the title, but by comparison, you’d almost get away with describing it as heavy sounding – save for the feature of a kazoo.

After this, they launch into the rough-around-the-edges show they’ve come to be known for, powered by their Spanish charm and natural penchant for fun songwriting.

‘Sticky Gum’ is received heartily and a section of the crowd takes this as an early cue to go nuts, occasionally spilling onto the stage.

As with a lot of their other material, there’s a lot of speeding up and slowing down, which gives the music breathing room, making it even more affable.

The show isn’t short of crowd participation either, as one girl grabs Carlotta Cosials’ mic to condemn some sexist remarks in a way that is one part awkwardly hilarious and one part sort of admirable, though it seems the language (or accent) barrier prevents Hinds from fully understanding what’s happening.

‘Castigadas en el Granero’ is a personal highlight and after they finish their set an unplanned encore of ‘Sticky Gum’ happens, to the absolute delight of the audience.

There’s probably several guitarists in attendance tonight who might be technically more proficient than either Cosials or Ana Garcia Perrote, but Hinds are a great example of the fact that being able to write genuinely catchy and authentic pop songs with which to hold and work a crowd as well as they do is a far, far more elusive talent.

From start to finish, Kill Surrrf, Oscar, and Hinds have absolutely killed it this evening.

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Words: Greg Murray
Photos: Elina Lin


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