The Garden, Kill Surrrf, Killer Bangs at Broadcast, 7/11/15

Tonight Broadcast is treated to an act so unusual that they are almost otherworldly.

The Garden take to the stage as a thrash metal two-piece, but morph continuously through out the set.


The two longhaired blonde Californians wear matching slacks, for them whipping a crowd into frenzy is as easy as business admin.

Suddenly a drum machine takes over and the duo spring to the front of the stage.

The surreal spectacle is as if Straight Outta Compton had a scene set in a yaught club.

The two Americans’ belt out their feel good, positive messages behind a barrage of synths and distortion; “I’M HAPPY SEE THE RAINBOW ON MY FACE?”

The Garden1

The band welcomes stage invaders and even invades the crowd, continuing to perform as a gaggle of revellers hang off them.

Thanking the audience and saying good night, is met with a prang of despair, however no time is wasted as the band start playing an encore, and another, and another.

The Garden are a band so sure of themselves and their unique image; you can’t help but be impressed.

Not as ruckus as the Californian headliners, support Kill Surrrff and Killer Bangs are just as distinctive, but take the anarchy down a few notches, making for a great evening.

Kill Surrrf’s warm malty guitar sounds and wishful pop is an antidote to another rainy night in Glasgow.

Frontman and recent addition to the Halfrican line up, Johnny Lynn, resembles a young Roddy Frame and judging by their Fuzzkill output could have as many hits.

Killer Bangs deliver a more traditional hue of rock’n’roll; guitar solos, desperate vocals and shuddering percussion are another thrilling element that makes this bill so well rounded.

The band takes you hurtling down highways and seems to represent a forgotten strain of the freedom of rock’n’roll.

The night ends suddenly, but the tinnitus will serve as a souvenir this time tomorrow.

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Words: Peter Johnstone
Photos: Warrick Beyers


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