Live review: King Tuff, Halfrican, Kill Surrrf, It Girl at Broadcast, 12/5/13


Tonight is somewhat of a mouth-watering occasion, with three hot local bands with their own level of plaudits supporting the infectiously fun garage rock n’ roll of King Tuff.


First up are the relatively ungooogleable It Girl, who are possibly the most commercially accessible act of the three local acts despite their difficult to locate internet presence.

It Girl will constantly draw comparisons with acts like Interpol, their vocal delivery doesn’t drift that far away from the New Yorkers, but there’s much to them than that.

They claim to expand on a post punk ethos but they do this with a clarity in sound far removed from the relative DIY of what is to follow, their young followers seem to lap it up and while they may not be the ideal choice for a King Tuff fan they’ll certainly draw some head in future.

Kill Surrrf however, provide a sunnier prospect with their reverb ridden guitar pop albeit delivered in a lackadaisical fashion.

The local four-piece deliver a delightful set of summery lo-fi pop with minimal vocals and a trance like cool that chills the venue out before the energy onslaught begins.

Last of the local support is relatively untamed, lo-fi pop trio Halfrican, who will be gracing the same stage for the Rave Child night next month, and they up the energy before the headliners get everyone dancing.

It’s high pace stuff with raspy vocals with plenty of delay and reverb, indeed it’s hard to draw yourself away from Halfrican if not for the fact they’re wearing shorts.

They’re a ball of energy on stage and they’re nothing if not fun, much like tonight’s headliners it’s a set that puts a spring in your step and smile on your face.


From the first powerful garage rock riff to the last vocal croak King Tuff is on top form and he has a Glasgow crowd coming along for the ride.

Kyle Thomas and his duo of musicians are engaging and exciting and most of all enjoyable to witness, each track ripping the up Broadcast floor and replacing it with a mess of dancing bodies.

His sound touches that raw garage and occasionally switches up to rockabilly that you can’t help but dance to, as King Tuff more than justifys the hype he’s been receiving.

This is a guy you’ve got to see live, yes he has been getting a lot of build-up, ‘best new music’ on Pitchfork and his merch does brand ‘FUC-KING-TUFF’ on American Apparel t-shirts, but he deserves every bit of praise.

The best thing about King Tuff is his lack of subtlety, this is massive sounding licks with an in your face attitude that screams have a good time, which is no better represented tonight than in the rip-roaring ‘Bad Thing’ that has the crowd at their most energetic, screaming along with the catchy chorus.


The next time these guys visit Glasgow they will be playing a bigger stage, that’s if the bassist isn’t away presenting Celebrity Juice or something, but those who have made it along tonight will remember it as one of the most straight up genuine fun rock n’ roll gigs they’ll attend in their lifetime.

Words: Iain Dawson
Photos: Jayjay Robertson

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