GoodCopGreatCop – ‘Future Habits’

‘Future Habits’, the latest single from Perth’s GoodCopGreatCop, is undoubtedly going to be a hit for the band.

The song is experienced at its fullest through earphones and you can easily find yourself head bobbing along from first listen.


The fact that lead singer Andy McGowan’s vocals do not overshadow the rest of the band allows you to fully appreciate the effort made by every member

‘Future Habits’ is the follow up single from ‘Twisted Guilty Dance Floor’, released back in 201,4 but it really has lifted GoodCopGreatCop to a completely new level.

The ability to continuously provide high quality songs is a factor that definitely warrants a great deal of admiration, as GoodCopGreatCop prove they deserve to succeed in the world of alternative music.

Words: Kathryn Murphy


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