BWANi – ‘Tokyo Talk’

‘Tokyo Talk’ sees BWANi at their most experimental; they maintain an element of their distinctive jubilant sound but fuse it with… J-pop!(?)

It’s quite cool and definitely worth a listen.


There’s something bothering the back of my mind though, which is the recycling of the vocals from ‘Borneo’, a release from a year or two ago.

Has this been done to raise a case for comparison?

If so, is it to be between their older sound and their new work, or between two cultures?

My (small) issue being that ‘Borneo’ received a lot of attention at one time – it would seem strange to release a reworking as a completely independent single.

Whatever the case BWANi can do what they like, their music is consistently of an extremely high standard and ‘Tokyo Talk’ is no exception.

Have a wee look at their YouTube channel for some bright and good-humoured music videos courtesy of Braking Point Flix.

Words: Patrick McCafferty


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