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QMU Live Fest with Tuff Love, Tijuana Bibles, GoodCopGreatCop, Copper Lungs, The Youth and Young, The Rockalls, Josephine Sillars, LYLO, The Insomniac Project

“Did anyone used to go to Rev?” “Is Cheesy Pop still a thing?” You can tell what bands went to Glasgow uni tonight! Let’s be honest, it’s totally weird being back at the QMU, this was a regular daytime haunt in my early uni days and seven years on a lot has changed, but yet nothing has … Continue Reading ››

GoodCopGreatCop – ‘Future Habits’

‘Future Habits’, the latest single from Perth’s GoodCopGreatCop, is undoubtedly going to be a hit for the band. The song is experienced at its fullest through earphones and you can easily find yourself head bobbing along from first listen. The fact that lead singer Andy McGowan’s vocals do not overshadow the rest of the band allows you … Continue Reading ››

GoodCopGreatCop – ‘Twisted, Guilty, Dance Floor’

The new single from GoodCopGreatCop, ‘Twisted, Guilty, Dance Floor’, hosts a feel good indie dance vibe from the outset, showcasing the quirky Scottish vocal style of lead singer Andy McGowan. The single is a follow up to the album Prolouge, released earlier this year, it is apparent that ‘Twisted, Guilty, Dance Floor’ follows in its footsteps … Continue Reading ››

wecamefromwolves, Alburn, GoodCopGreatCop, Bright Side at Tut’s, 30/8/14

After a highly successful 2014 playing multiple shows and festivals around the UK (including T in The Park and Wickerman) as well playing dates in both France and Germany, wecamefromwolves return to Scotland to conclude the summer with a headline a sold out show at Tut's.

Melodic hardcore punk band Bright Side kick off … Continue Reading ››