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Natalie Pryce – A Very Special Christmas With Natalie Pryce [Ptarmigan]

Natalie Pryce do things in their own inimitable style, so to announce the release of their A Very Special Christmas With Natalie Pryce EP they only teased it with ‘9’ short video trailers on social media in a film noir style. It ain’t no surprise from these guys and the fact that it was also released … Continue Reading ››

A Very Special Christmas with Natalie Pryce, The Hyper Reel, The Kidney Flowers at Broadcast, 16/12/17

A Natalie Pryce gig always raises the expectations, at their core they’re an intense bluesy, garage, rock band with a unique frontman in Mark Swan who is all about the performance. Expect to be transported to Twin Peaks in this David Lynch type production, but first, the supporting cast…. Continue Reading ››

Dark Horses, Natalie Pryce, Blue Honey at Tut’s, 11/9/14

It is over a quiet Thursday night in King Tut’s that Natalie Pryce and Blue Honey perform, supporting English ensemble Dark Horses. Three bands, three different genres and three totally different performance styles all combine for what should be an exciting evening. Blue Honey, a soft rock/pop band reminiscent of Blur and Oasis two decades previously, start … Continue Reading ››

Natalie Pryce – ‘Bisclavaret/Janine’

A new little delight coming from Glasgow: Natalie Pryce enchants the punk-blues scene. With their first album called And Other Tales recorded in only one day, the four-piece have surprised the Scottish scene with their power; their delivery and ambiance give a fresh air to modern rock n roll. ‘Janine’, the third song of their opus, follows … Continue Reading ››