Dark Horses, Natalie Pryce, Blue Honey at Tut’s, 11/9/14

It is over a quiet Thursday night in King Tut’s that Natalie Pryce and Blue Honey perform, supporting English ensemble Dark Horses.

Three bands, three different genres and three totally different performance styles all combine for what should be an exciting evening.


Blue Honey, a soft rock/pop band reminiscent of Blur and Oasis two decades previously, start the night off, four young, obviously talented guys set the mood on a high note with interesting vocals, intricate counter melodies and complex rhythms and what they may lack in confidence and stage presence is balanced by a solid, catchy set.

Next up are the devilishly brilliant Natalie Pryce, exploding onto the stage with their unique fusion of dynamism and sheer musical excellence.

Dark and sleek, these suited gentleman’s passion for their music is completely sincere, creating a real connection with their audience, the lead singer pushes the band into new boundaries with his own brand of performance, oozing charisma, with movements similar to those of Ian Curtis, he commands the stage with his presence and impressive vocal range, truly captivating his audience.

Tight, well executed and powerful, Natalie Pryce leave a lasting impression on us all.

Though a tough act to follow, the headliners Dark Horses fully rise to the challenge, punchy instrumentals combined smooth melodies create an atmosphere that really excites the crowd.

While they may seem a tad repetitive, their set beautifully blends together, thoroughly involving us in a brilliantly raw yet fresh musical experience.

From their foreboding image to their heavy and emotive performance, Dark Horses bring the gig to a tumultuous close.

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Words: Juliette Carnejac
Photos: Bill Gray


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