Record review: Natalie Pryce – …and Other Tales

…and Other Tales, Natalie Pryce’s debut album, is a ride full of pure passion and intensity that drags you through stories of powerful realism through ensnaring unrefined sounds and schizophrenic vocal delivery.


Opener ‘Emily’ is an urgent heartfelt lament as vocalist Mark Swan delivers almost Nick Cave-esque vocals through waves of slicing guitars and jazzed out drums.

‘Raquel’ follows with a bassline with bouncing addictive energy that Swan croons over in almost self-destructive emotion, while switching to spoken word in the latter half without losing that intense urgency.

‘Janine’ starts off on a sorrowful harmonica before Swan delivers heartfeltly over sizzling percussion and gradually works up to a powerful cacophony as he screams atop layers of noise.

‘Libitina’ sees buzzing guitars back to back with melancholy soundscapes that suddenly become as uneasy like the atmosphere of a David Lynch film, something that is a big influence on the band – it’s enthralling stuff.

Things continue in this same raw vibe without losing intensity or growing harsh on the ears, Swan’s delivery is so powerful that even if you cannot follow his sorrowful tales about life, death, love and sorrow you still get dragged in by the passion of his delivery.

…and Other Tales feels real and raw, it’s not easy to listen to by any means but the live feel the album creates, due to being recorded and mixed rather impressively in only two days, keeps you warm and once you get dragged into the dark passionate tones it’s quite hard to remove yourself.


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