Natalie Pryce – ‘Bisclavaret/Janine’

A new little delight coming from Glasgow: Natalie Pryce enchants the punk-blues scene.

With their first album called And Other Tales recorded in only one day, the four-piece have surprised the Scottish scene with their power; their delivery and ambiance give a fresh air to modern rock n roll.


‘Janine’, the third song of their opus, follows the roots of the rock passionate music, the drums are rough, the voice is almost shouting similar to a call for help, the sound of the harmonica is excellent, they are the new energy the 21st century missed.

Janine Janine you came into my dream, you came into my dream and you left me for dead,” the lyrics are straightforward yet the sound is still vibrant and energetic; that’s the rule, that’s their rule.

Mark Swan, singer and harmonicist, has this distinctive style of singing, similar to that you’d expect of an insane person escaping from hospital, it all immerses you into the mad world of Natalie Pryce.

Influenced by 70s punk and blues, the mixture makes their music really special, it’s devoted and honest.

‘Bisclavaret’ is an experience, it is not just garage rock, it’s deeper than that and at times echoes Nick Cave.

The wolf is inside us no matter how you feel, I hear that wolf calling, I hear that wolf calling, I hear that wolf calling, it’s calling out for me.”

Natalie Pryce is a band that keeps progressing; to be continued.

Words: Julierre Carnejac


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