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Mickey 9s – ‘Psycho Control’

Who are the psycho’s and how can we stop them? This is the question Mickey 9s new single ‘Psycho Control’ raises in typical rebellious fashion. At first listen this tune is undoubtedly worthy of their previous foot-pounding, crowd-stirring, work; it’s a rough, fantastically outspoken piece of music, inevitably easy to move to - as may be … Continue Reading ››

A Festival for a Fiver in Glasgow City Centre

oxjam1A team of 30 volunteers are set to run a one day 15 hour charity festival in five venues across Bath Street and Bath Lane in Glasgow city centre on Saturday October 5. In 2012 the Oxjam We’re Skint, They’re Skinter volunteers delivered a Festival for a … Continue Reading ››

Record review: Mickey 9s – ‘Mickey 999’

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzvlK7pKIC8&w=376&h=221] This is one fantastically catchy track. There’s some well crafted riffs in here on both slap bass and wah guitars, and the drums keep things together well and include a little cowbell for the hell of it. The chorus is easy to remember, if a little silly, and I can see a crowd interacting well with … Continue Reading ››