Record review: Mickey 9s – ‘Icarus’ [Mint]

unnamedGlasgow based super fluent sizzzle beat band Mickey 9s new single starts off with an impressive speech about space and the cosmos before leading us into some impressive musicianship.

“The cosmos is also within us/we are a maze of stars/we are a way/the cosmos will know its own.”


After the vocalist has a long emphasis on the stars we encounter a bouncy drum and guitar entrance with underground nightclub vibes, you can imagine everyone wearing glow sticks having a really good time; it’s perfect for those who love an 80s disco feel.

Great things are to be expected from Mickey 9s if this song has anything to go by, so put on your luminous socks and rock out.

Hell, it’s even the perfect song to listen to while competing in a roller derby, the type of track that will get people on the mood for a good time.

Words: Michele Kennedy


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