Record review: Mickey 9s – ‘Ammunition’

artworks-000063943493-uvmxvc-t500x500Mickey 9s is in many ways both Scotland’s answer to Slipknot and the Bee Gees.

Bejewelled, bemasked and bediscoed, this funk-rock-rap act are coming at your ears with the ferocity of a well-armed tactical guerrilla militia gang, and what musical ammunition they have in their guns!


‘Ammunition’ is a well-made pot of effervescent stew, brimming with ideas and flavours from all over the musical palette: a dash of disco, a sprinkle of funk, and a dollop of rocking cowbell, this is a sure-fire recipe for musical success.

Every beat is perfectly maligned for maximum rhythmic detonation, leaving this reviewer jiving around his bedroom time after time.

The use of dynamics and tempo also really sets Mickey 9s apart from contemporaries, that’s if you can accurately identify a contemporary for this wilful, soulful unique Scottish beast.

This single is an excellent warning shot from a band on the ascendance, hopefully they can use their musical weapons to overpower the mainstream and world domination – this reviewer can’t wait to see what he does next.

Words: Dale Nixon


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