Record review: Mickey 9s – A Thing to Try and Dance To

Mickey 9s EP A Thing to Try and Dance To is, as its name suggests, certainly very danceable.


However, the energy that makes it danceable suggests that Mickey 9s may be better and more exciting live than on record; then again isn’t this true of many bands?

The mix of repeated, almost MC style vocals, rock guitar and dance beats make Mickey 9s a bit different from anything you have heard before.

Opener ‘Find a Thing’ really gets across the fun and energy of the band and will have you tapping your feet or nodding your head even in your sitting room.

‘Sprechen Sie Deutsch’ is in a similar vein and style but finds the band showing off their knowledge of the German language.

‘Christopher Walken’ is less guitar driven this doesn’t last long however as they are at the fore of final track ‘Blackboy Style’.

This is definitely the track that the MC style vocals are most suited to.

A Thing to Try and Dance to is a very solid EP that shows the talent and originality of Mickey 9s, it is however an EP that encourages you to see the band live rather than purchase more of their music.

Words: Ealasaid McAlister


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