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Poor Things, Pinact, SHARPTOOTH, Halfrican at The Old Hairdressers, 27/6/15

With the likes of DF Concerts monopolising the Glasgow concert scene and even Bloc getting a lick of paint, those who like their gigs rough and ready are being pushed ever further underground. Fortunately for such hardy characters, there are still a handful of places in the city, like The Old Hairdressers, whose gig venue is, … Continue Reading ››

Halfrican – ‘Life is Hard/He’s Around’ [El Rancho]

Halfrican are a riotous and raucous Glaswegian punk band fond of larking around in shorts and ripping through the Bay City Rollers’ ‘Shang-A-Lang’ like it’s a car they just stole and intend to crash in a ball of flames. After a couple of years on the Glasgow underground scene the double A-side ‘Life is Hard/He’s Around’ … Continue Reading ››

Holy Mountain, Halfrican, Young Philadelphia at Stereo, 18/10/14

Young Philadelphia are 100 riff a minute noise-mathematicians, stitching together all kinds of mismatched tempos, time signatures and dynamic shifts, yet they still know how to lock into a good groove, as songs like ‘LQDBRKFST’ show. Halfrican combine the catchiest 60s garage psych and surf licks with an impressive amount of manic punk intensity, sort of … Continue Reading ››

Rave Child Top 20 tracks of 2013

top 20

2013 has been the first full year that Rave Child has been running content on a regular basis so it’s only fitting that we a run a best of 2013.

Now, I appreciate I can’t listen to everything, the fact that a new … Continue Reading ››

Live review: PAWS Halloween Ball with Black Cop, Halfrican, Secret Motorbikes, Sharptooth at Garnethill Multicultural Centre, 1/11/13

paws_garnethill_ravechild3An all local line up decked out for Halloween starts with Sharptooth – dressed as destroyed beauty queens – like the cover of Hole’s ‘Live Through This’ – diving headlong into Courtney Love’s ‘Miss World’ at the end of their spiky set. Secret Motorbikes have come as … Continue Reading ››

Live review: King Tuff, Halfrican, Kill Surrrf, It Girl at Broadcast, 12/5/13

1_MG_9953-2 Tonight is somewhat of a mouth-watering occasion, with three hot local bands with their own level of plaudits supporting the infectiously fun garage rock n’ roll of King Tuff. First up are the relatively ungooogleable It Girl, who are possibly the most commercially accessible act of the … Continue Reading ››