Halfrican – ‘Life is Hard/He’s Around’ [El Rancho]

Halfrican are a riotous and raucous Glaswegian punk band fond of larking around in shorts and ripping through the Bay City Rollers’ ‘Shang-A-Lang’ like it’s a car they just stole and intend to crash in a ball of flames.

After a couple of years on the Glasgow underground scene the double A-side ‘Life is Hard/He’s Around’ is the trio’s first official single.


Notes in the dust on the back of their Ouija board may suggest an attempt to summon the ghoulish spirit of the Cramps, but listen hard to ‘Life is Hard’ and there’s a surf rock twang to their head long dash for destruction.

On the flipside, ‘He’s Around’ is a squally garage rocker that threatens to disintegrate into white noise at any moment, but there’s enough snotty attitude to the lads to leave you humming along after the last wail of distortion fades.

Catch them with fellow noise-monkeys Sharptooth, Pinact and Poor Things at The Old Hairdressers on 27/6.

Word: Max Sefton


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