Record review: Halfrican – Hot! Hot! Hot [El Rancho]


Three things I already love about Halfrican:


1. Their name, of course! Undoubtedly conceived I imagine in a fit of weed giggles shortly before (or after) dawn in a pizza box and beer can strewn party flat.

2. The short shorts they wear on stage.

3. Their unabashed and seemingly mammoth consumption of weed and tequila.

This record sounds like it’s been left out in the sun (what sun?) far too long.

Thinking on it, ‘Glasgow Surrrf’ (and believe me there is enough of it to warrant a sub-genre) is pure escapism driven by the city’s dark, damp climate.

But according to Hot! Hot! Hot! thinking on it is exactly what I shouldn’t be doing.

On first listen, this record completely washed over me and left me scratching my head over what I could actually write about it.

Admittedly, I had just rolled out of bed and in my daze the songs seemed to merge into a fuzzy nothing, not dissimilar to the recent output of their US contemporaries, Thee Oh Sees.

In that instance, It’d be easy to accuse Halfrican of leaning on an aesthetic as opposed to actual songs (John Dwyer, I’m looking at you) but fortunately, that’s absolutely not the case.

All you need to do is scratch this tapes smouldering surface and you’ll find an abundance of killer surf guitar lines, ballsy bass playing and real singalong pop choruses especially in the case of ‘Coco Eyes’; to me the highlight of the record.

There’s a freshness and urgency about this record despite it’s hazy drunken demeanour that’s been long absent from their numerous burnt out peers across the Atlantic.

I also cannot stress enough how much it makes you want to dance – this is not a record for my quiet suburban bedroom.

It’s too much fun for that, put it on at a party, go skateboarding or grab some friends and go for a coastal drive and you’ll see what I mean.

Halfrican do one thing, but they do it very, very well!

Words: Chris McCrory


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