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Scottish Fiction presents Mt. Doubt, Akela, Dec’ 91 at The Hug and Pint, 4/8/15

Scottish Fiction, the platform created by Neil Wilson to champion new local bands through a website, radio show, and gigs, is responsible for tonight in The Hug and Pint, a tiny new venue on Great Western Road. First up is Dec’ 91, the musical moniker of Craig Ferrie, who has recently recorded his first album QuebecContinue Reading ››

Dec ’91 – Quebec [Gold Mold]

Craig Ferrie, under the moniker Dec ’91, released his debut album, which he recorded on his mobile phone while he travelled around Canada and the USA. The album opens with ‘Me, Today’ featuring Ferrie’s vocals alongside softly played keys, which gives the opportunity to really feel the emotions in its heartfelt lyrics. Many of the early tracks … Continue Reading ››

Gold Mold Records 2015 Spring Sampler [Gold Mold]

Glasgow micro-label Gold Mold records have to date brought a few physical releases into the world, and their first attempt at a compilation highlights some of the best alternative music from Glasgow and beyond right now. It begins with a bang with the aptly named ‘Awake’ by Polarnecks, which is then followed by the band with … Continue Reading ››

Dec ’91, Polarnecks, Jason Riddell at Bloc, 21/10/14

First up, Jason Riddell starts his set without his bassist making the crowd laugh, as they appear halfway through the first song. Riddell's voice is soulful and passionate, echoing through the already busy venue, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the crowd relaxed, as they tap their feet along. Riddell's style is reminiscent of a Scottish City … Continue Reading ››