Dec ’91 – ‘Post Breakup Sex/Fuck You’

‘Post Breakup Sex/Fuck You’ is the first single release from solo artist Dec ’91 after the release of his first EP a few of months ago and, following the footsteps of the EP, the single offers two enchantingly raw and striped back tracks.

‘Post Breakup Sex’ is a beautifully soft song featuring a delicately plucked guitar and some very personal and honest lyrics.


While ‘Fuck You’ keeps the personal lyrics, but the clashing drums and screaming vocals create a more aggressive sound fitting to its title.

It is clear that Dec ’91’s music is a outlet for his emotions and these tracks not only display this but also his skills as both a musician and songwriter.

In support of the release of ‘Post Breakup Sex/Fuck You’ Dec ’91 will be playing a show with Polarnecks and Jason Riddell at Bar Bloc on 21st of this month.

Words: Jess Lavin


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