Gold Mold Records 2015 Spring Sampler [Gold Mold]

Glasgow micro-label Gold Mold records have to date brought a few physical releases into the world, and their first attempt at a compilation highlights some of the best alternative music from Glasgow and beyond right now.

It begins with a bang with the aptly named ‘Awake’ by Polarnecks, which is then followed by the band with the best name on this release, grunge outfit Grand Prix (who have previously released a split 7” on Gold Mold, under the name KINGSARMS).


A highlight of this compilation is the melancholic ‘Est-Ce La Fin’ by Gourock songwriter I Am David Laing, Ryan Drever of PAWS fame’s side project Dearness provides another two tracks later with ‘It’s Ok, You’re Fine’

A piece of stellar instrumental math-rock from Albert Shakespeare proves to be the penultimate track on this release before the sombre sounding ‘Shame’ by Dec’ 91, played solo on a guitar concludes a release which is a very good example of the goings on in the Glasgow D.I.Y scene at the moment, and is hopefully a sign of things to come from this label, who on this compilation ease you in to what Gold Mold Records is all about.

Words: Neil Hayton


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