Dec ’91 – Quebec [Gold Mold]

Craig Ferrie, under the moniker Dec ’91, released his debut album, which he recorded on his mobile phone while he travelled around Canada and the USA.

The album opens with ‘Me, Today’ featuring Ferrie’s vocals alongside softly played keys, which gives the opportunity to really feel the emotions in its heartfelt lyrics.


Many of the early tracks on the album follow the same theme and this lack of variety would normally encourage me to hit the stop button, but there’s something about Ferrie’s musicianship, honesty and almost simple approach that makes me eager to continue listening.

However this simplicity is not down to a lack of effort – in fact quite the opposite, each track is well thought out featuring only the necessaries, which compliment each other rather than throwing in melodies or hooks for the sake of it.

‘Don’t Go’ is a highlight as it really showcases Ferrie’s vocals, while ‘I Lost A Good Friend Today’ offers a more upbeat side to his music even if its lyrics remain darker.

Throughout the album Ferrie covers a number of extremely personal and dark subject matters from family, relationships and self-loathing.

‘Lost All Hope’ is a perfect example of this with lyrics such as “who knew it would come so soon/23, no degree and you’re all alone”.

‘Settle Me’ pulls the album together and creates an atmosphere that makes the listener feel like they’re hearing it live beside a crackling fire – perfectly complimenting Dec ‘91’s style.

Ferrie has kept the raw and stripped back quality I am so fond of in his music throughout the duration of this album and I look forward to hearing more from Dec ’91.

Words: Jess Lavin


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