AMOR/LEMUR – AMOR [Night School]

A record that arrives sadly at a really rather apposite time. It was 12 months ago that Andrew Weatherall died and this EP by Glasgow-collective AMOR teaming up with Norwegian improvisers LEMUR would have fitted into his repertoire? Fitted into his early years, truly Balearic adventures with Boys Own right through to his later shenanigans in Glasgow with A Love From Outer Space

‘Unravel’ is a curious opener. Curious simply because it sounds so quintessentially English hippies given a modernist dusting off. Given the origins of the tune, that is curious indeed. The very oddness would have greatly appealed to Weatherall, as would the marriage of an old, vaguely psychedelic, folk sound and shuffling dancefloor beats. Perfect warm-up tune for a Balearic carry on.

‘Stars Burst’ keeps the melancholic vocal vibe but is a pounding galloper. Flutes and strings drift along whilst the things get seriously thumping. Quite a shocking change of pace and a really excellent track. Very much in the late ’80s/early ’90s style most excellently rounded up by the seminal Creation Records compilation Keeping The Faith. Bands like Fluke mined this seam with great enthusiasm. Whatever happened to them?

‘Fear’ keeps things going along much the same style though perhaps a little more frenetically with a head-twisting synth line and clattering percussion. You are being delivered a night at a quality do in the Berkley Suite in one EP. From an introverted but still groovy mood piece through to walloping great 2am thumpers. Always with that tasteful vibe, however. Batters you about but not in a completely full on big room way. 

Things close with a less thrilling but beautifully clonking piano tune, ‘For You’.

One shouldn’t get too misty-eyed, despite the no longer extant truly magnificent career that AMOR/LEMUR bring to mind. On its own, this EP is a delight. A surprising and exciting delight. The fact Mr Andrew Weatherall would have played every single second of it at some point during his adventures is an emotional fact.

Words: Vosne Malconsorts.

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