Sulka – Take Care [Lost Map]

A self-proclaimed champion of the DIY, Glasgow’s Sulka released his latest album Take Care which may just be his most fulsome and polished sound to date. Sulka has produced a steady stream of albums and EP’s since 2017, however this is the debut release on Lots Map Records. Ltd Edition CDR’s or cassettes each with a free ‘zine were created in very limited quantities (might only be CDR’s left).

Sulka is the project of Lukas Clasen and although the music is still a result of DIY home recording the lo-fi project is getting harder and harder to distinguish as such. Tales of relationships, isolation, angst and mental health the lyrics are totally relatable, and we can all find ourselves somewhere in the album; particularly during this period. 

‘Fear It’ opens the album and sets the tone with the challenges of real life, supported by the vocals of Niamh from Moonsoup, catchy melody and strongest of choruses this indie pop classic could readily nestle in the charts.

A product of lockdown the twelve tracks and the descriptions of self-care and stresses during this period are suitably described, however the pop sensibilities, cheery melodies and pleasant polished sound buck the current trend of “sad songs”.

This may just be the album to bring Sulka out of the Underground and to the wider public consciousness, whilst still being true to his scuzzy lo-fi roots. Self-produced and with Lukas playing all the instruments don’t be the person whom we have to remind ‘I told you so’.

Words: Derek McCutcheon

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