Lloyd’s House – We Could Be Friends [Corkscrew]

Glasgow based lo-fi balladeer, Lloyd Ledinger has released his first EP under the guise of Lloyd’s House, We Could Be Friends has a beautifully home-made feel to it. More like a friend has picked up a guitar at an after party and is serenading the group rather than a full, polished album. 

I mean that not in a disparaging way, there is a comforting simplicity to the music, amplified (no pun intended) by the fact that it was recorded, in its entirety on a 2005 8 track mixer. Described as “music for people who can only play bass”, the EP is a lot more nuanced than this statement would have you believe, with the songs exploring relationship breakdowns and self-exploration into a handy, bitesize 10 minute recording.

Title track, ‘We Could Be Friends’ sets the tone for the EP with a lilting bassline accompanied by Ledinger’s dreamy vocals. In this track, he manages to say a lot without really saying anything. Allowing the instruments to create a mood for him. There’s almost a sense of yearning created by the bass and distant drums that almost makes you want to be his friend. 

Instrumental track, ‘Shabbat’ is an excellent break in the EP to almost regain a sense of perspective, moody and atmospheric, there is an almost cheery guitar riff which leads into my personal favourite track; ‘Tell Me It’s Over’. This track carries on the theme of introspection and searching for validation.

We Could Be Friends is a really enjoyable EP, moody yet cheerful. At just 10 minutes long, it is a bit of a preview of what I’m sure is more to come from Lloyd’s House.

Words: Steven Aitken

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