100 Fables – ‘We Are Electric Girls and Boys’

With radio air play and superlatives flashing in all directions at the rebellious and exciting new indie electro punk darlings 100 Fables it is clear to see why the young Glasgow quartet has been receiving so much flushing adulation, which has extended way past the local scene and into a national stratosphere.

Having already laid waste to the likes of Belladrum and Isle of Wight Festival, 100 Fables kick off 2018 with this dangerously voyeuristic and sexy slice of new wave punk delight in latest single ‘We Are Electric Girls and Boys’.


Seeped in a caffeinated and luxuriously rich undertone of dirty electro beats, vocalist Lynsey Liora pierces through the discord with deliciously accrued harmonies, which reminisce of Karen O in the heart of a filthy neon Brooklyn dance floor in the late 80s, it’s really quite wonderful.

Words: Chris Kelman


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