Lux Anima – ‘Riverslides’ [ft. Emma Gillespie]

‘Riverslides’ acts as the debut release by Lux Anima, in what settles perfectly in the wake of earlier iterations of bands that have come before with what I can only describe as neo-lounge.

With a familiar energy, in the same field as the likes of Chet Faker, Ecuador and Zero 7, this lush and warm production pivots between width and intimacy across its short but perfectly formed three-and-a-half minutes, with a distinct vocal that teases you in from the opening bars, conjuring a smoke filled lounge, which are then complimented in the hook laden chorus harmonies by Glasgow’s Emma Gillespie, of Emma’s Imagination.


The project of Glasgow duo Tom Sagar and Thomas Brumby provides a fresh and welcome sparring between the legacy of French lounge and contemporary ballad pop, all while providing a dark edge that is deftly exposed via mix choices; a piano element on the chorus slightly more upfront in the mix than the vocals or the refrain back from the crescendo to something narrower and more defined.

A wonderful mix of styles, textures and a great example of a voice as an instrument, ‘Riverslides’ is a great sign of things to come from Glasgow’s Lux Anima, one that you should be sure to follow for what comes next.

Words: Krist McKenna


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