Anna Meredith – ‘Calion’ [Adult Swim]

Throughout her career thus far, Anna Meredith’s virtuoso talents translate into heady reinventions over safe continuity, and it’s safe to say that any sense of predictability is blitzed by avalanche tracks like her latest Adult Swim release, ‘Calion’.

Bounding along meteorological shifts in percussion, ‘Calion’ is an exhilarating journey through darkling arpeggios rising to maelstroms of polyrhythmic bliss, culminating in all out club-ready catharsis.


The track’s opening bears echoes of New Order—in particular the harrowing synth-laden ‘Elegia’—but soon slips into a pulsing dancefloor cut that drags us, sirens soaring, into a slow crescendo towards something more shrieking and stirring.

What strikes about ‘Calion’ is that seamless weaving of bright, samba-like percussion over metallic synths and fat drum-claps, creating this vertiginous air of retro-futurity.

If New Order effect a glistering melancholia from their twisting synths and dark wave requiem, Meredith concocts a closing world of total euphoria.

Her compositional talents easily blend with the insouciant cool of a big, pulsing club tune; but while ‘Calion’ entrances with intimations of an esoteric sublime, it’s also more accessible than some of her more eccentric pieces.

Words: Maria Sledmere


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