Rachel Alice Johnson – ‘Coming Down Slow’

Edinburgh-based musician Rachel Alice Johnson has certainly been met with a great deal of success over the past few years and judging by her most recent single ‘Coming Down Slow’, her talent is only growing stronger.

Johnson has established herself as a sultry, mysterious figure through her music, with lyrics focused around turbulent romance and mixed emotion, however she succeeds in adding more rock-based sounds to her tracks, creating an effective juxtaposition between vocals expressing feelings about love against heavy, gritty musical accompaniment.


‘Coming Down Slow’ is a perfect example of this, with very raw vocals from the outset depicting hopeful, loving lyrics with very bare musical feature.

This suddenly changes to introduce an exceedingly grungy sound, with distorted guitar and heavy drums, which flow very well with Johnson’s vocal shift, where not only the lyrics become darker, but her voice shifts to a higher pitch, startling the listener but also portraying the heightened emotion in the track.

This is a very well structured track and highlights not only Johnson’s lyrical ability but also her strong vocals and it promises great things to come.

Words: Orla Brady


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