Japanese Breakfast, Night Flowers at Sleazy’s, 4/11/17

Glasgow has a special place in heart of Japanese Breakfast as the city’s PAWS where the first band to invite them on a US tour.

Michele Zauner clearly has a lot of affection for the place and looks forward to a scotch after this gig on this her second visit.


Before that there is a lot of great music to be enjoyed; opening tonight Night Flowers play a muscular set, with throbbing basslines, powder blue harmonies and a synthesiser straight out of GTA.

In between brilliant songs that captivate the crowd Night Flowers front woman Sophia Petit intersperses sweet and funny audience reactions, goading the crowd to make a human pyramid.

There are bonfires and fireworks outside tonight, but Night Flowers brand of lush indie pop makes it feel equally festive, new single ‘Glow in the Dark’ is a highlight.

Japanese Breakfast enters the stage then fills the already packed room with their extraordinary sound.

The thrilling and intoxicating performance showcases the breadth of Zauners’ ambitions, from waves of electronica, to stripped back and tender and the full pop treatment of ‘Everybody Wants to Love You’, the song that introduced so many people here to the band.

The space age dream of the first half of the set is broken up by the dirty bassline of Heft’ as Zauner manoeuvres the whole stage with attitude and intent.

Her voice sometimes soft, often soaring has a great power, but loses nothing in more intimate moments, accompanied by nothing but electric piano and guitar.

The crowd are the opposite of rowdy and seem entranced by what is clearly one of the most special artists today.

With such addictive songs and such a vast and clear creative vision, this might be the last chance we get to see Japanese Breakfast in such a small venue.

Words: Peter Johnstone


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