Josephine Sillars + The Manic Pixie Dreams – ‘Down’

After several years performing and recording as a solo artist, Josephine Sillars has cemented herself as something of a household name, combining music and spoken word into her performances.

Now, she has expanded her horizons with the addition of new band The Manic Pixie Dreams, who release their first single ‘Down’.


The real beauty to ‘Down’ is in its simplicity, centring around a simple repetitive refrain, beginning with Sillars’ stripped back vocal accompanied by an echoing riff.

The track gradually builds until it reaches a full band groove, and as a result, ‘Down’ manages to stay urgent, while maintaining a sense of intimacy.

All of this is achieved in little over two minutes, without any risk of cramming too much into too short a space of time.

This new project is something of a new direction for front-woman Sillars, and the additional musicians has allowed her exquisite vocal more breathing space.

Based solely on this first release, there appears to be a conscious effort to write catchier pop hooks; ‘Down’ is a promising start for Sillars’ new venture.

Words: Graham McCusker


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