AmatrArt – ‘Mirror/Soft Skin’ [Bloc+Music]

Both tracks on AmatrArt’s latest single, ‘Mirror’ and ‘Soft Skin’, share certain similarities, however differ with regards to the lyrical themes and musical style.

There are themes of regret and self-doubt present throughout ‘Mirror’, which are complimented by repeating synth and guitar, which gradually builds throughout the track, ending with a prominent crescendo.


This conveys the emotional within track, as the lyrics and music weave together, not only to tell a story, but also to create an intense and moving feel to the track in its entirety.

‘Soft Skin’ is a more stripped back track, which presents a softer and more open style and seeming less deep lyrical content.

Both ‘Mirror’ and ‘Soft Skin’ are presented as two strong tracks, each conveying the individual style and lyrical themes that AmatrArt possess.

Words: Orla Brady


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