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AmatrArt – ‘Mirror/Soft Skin’ [Bloc+Music]

Both tracks on AmatrArt’s latest single, ‘Mirror’ and ‘Soft Skin’, share certain similarities, however differ with regards to the lyrical themes and musical style. There are themes of regret and self-doubt present throughout ‘Mirror’, which are complimented by repeating synth and guitar, which gradually builds throughout the track, ending with a prominent crescendo. This conveys the emotional … Continue Reading ››

King Tut’s Summer Nights with AmatrArt, Apache Darling, Le Thug, Miracle Strip, 21/7/15

As King Tut's Summer Nights gathers pace, four acts gather on the famous stage preparing to make a bid for stardom. For the standout act of the evening, Apache Darling, it seems like nothing less than being the biggest pop act in the world will be enough, but our first act seem happy with more modest … Continue Reading ››

T in the Park 2015 (Saturday)

After a rather easy ride back the previous night, leaving before the full on headliners finished, we decide to opt into a car park a bit closer to the festival site; little did we know how much hassle this would cause, but more on that later. Popping down to the media bit for the small portion … Continue Reading ››

Kill The Waves, AmatrArt, Static Future, Woodwife at Tut’s, 8/1/15

On this wet and windy evening the second King Tut’s New Years Revolution gig is a haven from the elements outside; first up are gypsy steampunk folksters Woodwife with crystal clear vocals and the coolest looking bass in Glasgow. They slowly ease through their set, of which highlights were ‘Walking Song’ and ‘Dreaming’, which has pitch … Continue Reading ››