Spinning Coin – Tape [Winning Sperm Party]

The little information available on Spinning Coin tells me they are a Glasgow based outfit comprised of four members, all of whom have respectively been involved with several other celebrated Glasgow bands.

This information is indicative of Spinning Coin’s sound in that it suggests a band of many tastes and influences, although thankfully one which has skilfully consolidated these factors into a set of finely crafted and rough edged pop songs.


The tape begins tunefully enough with the jangled guitars of ‘Hanging Gown’, which chime along nicely before being overrun by a more forceful attack, the opposing currents providing some effective dramatic contrasts within the song.

‘Albany’ strikes as a slice of C86 era pop with its bright, ringing guitar tones and fragile tempo, it also displays the vocal tendencies specific to a type of indie rock that suggests the singer would gain from a touch more iron in the blood, however it does rev in the right places to give it sufficient thrust.

‘Late, Late, Late’ throws itself together and hopes for the best in a riotous burst of drums, vocal harmonies and a lead guitar aiming to make its point in the most pronounced fashion, while ‘Neverends’ struts proudly to a ‘Nuggets’ style garage riff and could also serve as the theme tune to some sordid tale of deviance and adventure in Tangier (somewhat inexplicably I know, but that’s what came to my mind at least).

All that being considered, this tape is a fine, smile inducing, head-banging, hodgepodge of a record: one made by a band that, despite their array of influences, have a clear and valued sense of character in their music.

Words: Brendan Sloan


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