Sacred Paws – Six Songs [Rock Action]

Released on Rock Action this March after a lengthy wait; it was first announced that Sacred Paws would be released by the label over a year ago.

That being said singer/guitarist Rachel Aggs has been busy with Trash Kit and Shopping, both releasing albums.


Certain post-punk guitar DNA (by which this writer means UK ‘indie’ guitar from 1978 – 1982ish) has bled into Sacred Paws from these other bands, however the guitar lines though having a clean wiry tone are jaunty.

This coupled with the up beat snare drum centric based beats of Eilidh Rodgers (also of Golden Girls) make Six Songs have a playful polyrhythmic feel that is as refreshing as a tropical breeze it suggests; especially when compared to the more standard 4/4 bands who attempt at such escapism.

Catchy tracks like ‘Vince’ and ‘I Wonder’ are recognisable from the energetic live sets that have been seen in Glasgow.

The EP is a fine document of these and equally impressive is how distinct an identity Sacred Paws have created from the members’ other projects.

The vocals of both members lift the songs above what most two-piece bands would do with their arrangements; supporting and harmonising until individual melodies are running against each other.

All this while not sounding too thought out or that it is stressing the band in the slightest; how very impressive.


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