C Duncan – ‘Say’ [FatCat]

Oh but this is marvellous; too too marvellous.

Ethereal, dreamy, slightly yearning; heartfelt stuff but with a lightness of touch and even, dare I say, frivolity preventing it from becoming oh so much neediness and serious muso guff.


C Duncan plays all the instruments, sings and produces the whole shebang and unlike a recent review of Mt. Doubt (similarly solo), where it seemed a very good idea to drag a vicious producer into proceedings, I don’t want any other bugger getting anywhere near this; it’s excellent.

A haunting vocal and multi-layered harmonies recall the Beach Boys, with crisp percussion and claps to stop this drifting into so much fey wetness; a huge lesson in how to create swirling atmospherics without falling into a puddle of sixth-form, poetic drivel on the floor.

It’s effing freezing as I write this and my resident ninja-squirrel is looking distinctly unimpressed alfresco, but even he could surely be dragged mentally to a long car ride, with the palm trees on one side of the road and the surf gently lapping at the other; that’s where this song takes you.

I’m not sure if squirrels like being driven about to be honest but with the hood down and ‘Say’ coming out the stereo, all thy troubles melt away.

If I look upwards towards the blue sky (and not downwards to the icy streets below) then we’re off to the beach wrapped in delicious and moving music; plaintive but happy; a minor choral masterpiece.

Prodigious talent; keep your beady eyes on this fellow.

Words: Andrew Morrison


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