Le Thug – Place Is [Song, by Toad]

Perfectly timed with the release of Adam Curtis’ Bitter Lake, is Le Thug’s Place is EP.

The range of textures is similar to the variety used in those films, beeps of electronics, buzz saws of effected electric guitars and the soothing melodies that delivered softly could easily be mistaken for a 1960s French ballad to a sleepy ear.


The Curtis similarity, as these parts work add to a greater whole, simple elements making complex pieces that hit the listener on multiple emotional levels.

Taken in isolation any snippet provides a microcosm of sound that happily entertains in itself.

The EPs leading track ‘Basketball Land’ plays with the expectation of the listener suggested by the previous two tracks, in contrast it starts off with a harsh industrial kick drum pattern.

The saw tooth synths and guitars blend in front of a hint of arpeggios and machined hi hats.

Like an archive of sounds, the EP conveys the feeling of visiting a location from a personal past and finding space, structure and dimensions all condensed.

One might think that the place has changed over time but in fact it is all a matter of perspective.

This is the strongest compliment I can give this release and based on the ease of writing this review it must be an indication, if anything, that the group are the strongest act on the roster of Edinburgh based label, Songs by Toad, lead by Howard Hughes like eccentric Matthew Toad.

The only criticism would be the that a track list as top heavy would not be a smart way to structure a full album (FUTURE TAKE NOTE*), as the mood on the second half would have had more of the emotive tug side A has if the pacing felt less plodding.

However, not too short, but not out staying it’s welcome, the EP is deserving of a physical release and well worth the money.

Even if not buy it for some, fans of shoegaze and post rock would welcome it

I have avoided comparisons and genre study writing, as it would be a disservice to the group and the piece of work they have assembled.


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