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Celtic Connections: C Duncan, Man of Moon at Saint Luke’s, 26/1/17

An object lesson tonight - always choose your support acts carefully: whether by design, accident, or simply the vagaries of playing at a festival - for that is what Celtic Connections is - C Duncan, all-conquering hometown hero he may be, is nonetheless utterly blown off the stage by the previous set from Man Of … Continue Reading ››

C Duncan – The Midnight Sun [FatCat]

The Midnight Sun is the second record from young Glaswegian songwriter and producer C Duncan. Following on from the remarkable success of his bedroom-recorded and self-produced debut Architect, The Midnight Sun – named for an episode of the Twilight Zone – is a melodic slice of choral indie-psychedelia that drifts by like leaves on a stream. There’s … Continue Reading ››

C Duncan at The Art School, 5/12/15

Every year the Mercury Prize nominations throw up a handful of surprises, as the judges seek to outfox the bookies (and occasionally baffle the public) with a succession of worthy free jazz ensembles, soul-grime crossover stars and elevated bedroom outfits who have the glory of being raised public prominence. One of the beneficiaries of this year’s … Continue Reading ››

Doune The Rabbit Hole, 23/8/15

Sunday at Doune and we’ve found a touch of familiarity about the site, only today it seems to be filled with yellow as Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 closing things tonight and their fans seem to engulf the festival site in what could resemble a cult if you weren’t aware a silly, fun-times band … Continue Reading ››

Wickerman (Saturday), 25/7/15

Saturday got underway in earnest with RM Hubbert on the main stage; I arrive, a little late, to him announcing: “Radio One won’t play pop songs about depression...” He describes ‘Bolt’ as a more upbeat number (facetiously described as his attempt to get mainstream radio plays), but it is followed by what, in his own words, … Continue Reading ››

C Duncan – Architect [FatCat]

Compositional wizardry, exquisite harmonies and technical precision characterises Architect, the debut LP by Glasgow’s C Duncan, a record which instantly resonates before unravelling to reveal itself confidently as one of the best records to come from north of Hadrian’s Wall this year. Theory and technique doesn’t make a great pop record on its own, and Architect … Continue Reading ››

Admiral Fallow, C Duncan, Man Of Moon at The Art School, 10/6/15

A sold out Art School for Admiral Fallow’s return to Glasgow is filling up quickly, and I overhear a conversation on my way in that there are a few big local music industry names in to take a closer look at tonight’s opener, Man Of Moon. The atmospheric two-piece appear to be one to watch; their … Continue Reading ››