H&P 7th Birthday with Talaboman, Highlife with Wolf Müller at The Art School, 19/12/14

Weegie revellers and Art School regulars alike, were convinced from ahe word go.

Tonight’s bumper dose of deep house, techno, disco and tribal tropes – would make for a combo like no other and they weren’t half right.


Talaboman, supported by South-African inspired Highlife with special guest Wolf Müller, guaranteed Glasgow’s last Friday before Christmas, is a suitably lively affair.

Resident Advisor’s pick of the week saw Huntley and Palmers celebrate their 7th birthday in style, playing host to two of their favourite producers: John Talabot and Alex Bowman.

Queuing in the pouring rain (it’s Glasgow after all) with what seems like half the city’s population, quickly replaced by intoxication and translucent lights; anticipation meets with the urge to finally let loose.

Split across the recently refurbished Art School two legendary floors, this one was popular and the vast upper hall is packed before you’d even had time to stash your jacket.

Wide, varied but bang on point too – the collaborative project Talaboman is the perfect match for a H&P birthday.

Melting synthesizers, white beams and Caribbean chimes set the floor alight, as people forgot about rhythm and don’t actually care which way their legs are going.

Melancholic vibes mixed with deep-house grooves make for a dreamy haze, while keeping everyone on their toes.

The headliners enter the booth and are greeted with a crowd that stretches from wall to wall; the rest is history.

Despite only playing a handful of dates since releasing ‘Sideral’ the pair gel together effortlessly, feeding off one another in sync.

This track demonstrates their total command over the club; whether you sought refuge by climbing onto benches, or round the front by the speakers – things are really heating up.

Warm house selections downstairs, laced with African jungle melodies and statement bongos made for a welcome retreat.

All dance and all play, Auntie Flo’s set strikes dynamite; Glaswegian D’Souza knows his crowd inside out, offering an afrobeat, funky edged alternative to the pounding heights upstairs.

Taking charge with his counterpart Esa and joined by the wonderful Wolf Müller, the trio’s descending basslines and twangy strings do everything to strike you dumb and move your feet.

Combining different musical roots from around the world, with beats that have graced the city’s most renowned haunts, Highlife takes us somewhere else entirely.

Tracks echo endlessly round the lower bar, many from their contribution to the amazing Autonomous Africa series; a ritual dedicated to Auntie Flo’s right of passage.

Taking on European festivals and venues around the world, having long ago made their mark on Glasgow’s underground and techno scene, these two have come a long way and just keep on giving.

As the hours pass, the gist of the night’s success is plain to see – it doesn’t really matter what time you’d arrived, you left with the unshakeable assertion that Huntley and Palmer had served up one of their best yet.

The following afternoon’s post birthday headache and tired legs, affirming what you already knew.

Words/Photos: Lucy Sharladow


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