Bwani – ‘Make My Day’ [Aksatak]

After two albums and dropping half of their name, Bwani have released a new single and video titled ‘Make My Day’.

The Edinburgh quartet first came to the attention of music fans when their 2011 debut effort Fully Cocked took an indie core and roped it seamlessly to rolling African guitar and drums courtesy of Dan Muir and Jack Fotheringham.


Twinned with very impressive levels of musicianship and composition skill, this created an excellently unique sound.

On sophomore album Tongue of Bombie new things were tested out, some of which worked really well and some of which unfortunately fell short.

With a new batch of songs written, ‘Make My Day’ is celebratory, harmony-heavy shows positive progression for the band and generally seems much surer of itself than a lot of the songs on Tongue of Bombie.

Having seen a recent performance in Edinburgh where a bunch of other new songs were also showcased, Bwani seem to have successfully blended the best aspects of their previous work with new-fangled ideas, which should direct them towards a renewed burst of interest and recognition.

Words: Greg Murray


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