Casual Sex, Asian Babes, Tuff Love at Mono, 4/3/14

If ever there was a line up of unGoogleable bands then tonight is it, fire “Casual Sex, Asian Babes” into any search engine then you will find out about this show but don’t click on ‘images’ or ‘videos’ unless you fancy a wee shock – but let’s shirk that ground now and it’s been done into the ground already.

Tuff Love is surely the most search engine friendly of the acts on tonight’s bill but they are also the current buzz band in Scotland since signing to Lost Map, who it appears have fallen to love this Glasgow trio who played a Rave Child night just under a year ago.


Since that performance, up until about a month ago you have been forgiven for thinking these guys hadn’t progressed further, at least in terms of stature not necessarily as musicians.

Tonight they open proceedings and a healthy early turn out have shown face to catch their first of two Glasgow support slots before their EP drops in May.

Their EP, Junk, is a delightfully summery release that will warm your hearts in the run up to summer but more on that later as I’m sure we will run a full review pretty soon.

What they deliver tonight is enough to spark the attention of everyone in attendance as Julie Eisenstein and Suse Bear’s delightful dual melodies combine with a sun kissed sound that kicks the night into gear; I’m sure we’ll be talking a lot more about these guys in the near future.

Asian Babes are a much more brash prospect, but this four-piece come at you with no pretenses and deliver an exhilarating set of punk ditties.

It’s fun and fast and delivered with what you feel may be a tongue planted firmly in cheek.

As they wander off stage their lead singer K Thorburn declares “that’s 18-minutes of your life you’re never getting back”, and while theoretically she’s right I don’t think there’s many grudging their set.

They do however lead quite fittingly into Casual Sex’s set, which from start to finish is an all out assault of addictively angular riffs and comical interjections.

Frontman Sam Smith (not the triangle haired, world’s awkwardest man come chart topping wiredo that you’ll see all over the music channels just now) smears lipstick on his face while announcing the band are from Glasgow with a wide eyed grin before launching into the set.

There’s a constant sense of urgent intensity about Casual Sex that means you can’t take your eyes of them and Smith’s constant comical one liners act as brilliant rest bites that leave you sniggering as they power on with another infectious effort.

It’s potent stuff that only further justifies why these guys have been labeled one of the best live bands in Scotland right now, late last year they proved they can deliver on record with EP, The Bastard Beat; what the rest of 2014 has in store for them who knows, but at present they’ll steal any show they’re part of.

Words: Iain Dawson


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