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QMU Live Fest with Tuff Love, Tijuana Bibles, GoodCopGreatCop, Copper Lungs, The Youth and Young, The Rockalls, Josephine Sillars, LYLO, The Insomniac Project

“Did anyone used to go to Rev?” “Is Cheesy Pop still a thing?” You can tell what bands went to Glasgow uni tonight! Let’s be honest, it’s totally weird being back at the QMU, this was a regular daytime haunt in my early uni days and seven years on a lot has changed, but yet nothing has … Continue Reading ››

Tuff Love – Dregs [Lost Map]

Everything on Dregs seems at odds with the dreamy, wandering vocals of Tuff Love’s Julie Eisenstein and Suse Bear. The name, Dregs - monosyllabic, Germanic, full of heavy consonants - the single-word song titles, the two hard snare-drum beats that open the album, the clarity of the guitars, the instantly memorable melody to ‘Amphibian’s chorus; there’s … Continue Reading ››

Doune The Rabbit Hole, 23/8/15

Sunday at Doune and we’ve found a touch of familiarity about the site, only today it seems to be filled with yellow as Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 closing things tonight and their fans seem to engulf the festival site in what could resemble a cult if you weren’t aware a silly, fun-times band … Continue Reading ››

West End Festival All Dayer at Oran Mor, 21/6/15

After worrying about whether or not I would be able to see the majority of the great bands playing across Oran Mor’s three stages, I was extremely pleased to see that the running order would allow me to move almost effortlessly between stages, hardly missing a second of each set. My early arrival gives me plenty … Continue Reading ››

Under The Covers Valentines Compilation [Fuzzkill]

Fuzzkill Records are becoming a force of nature on the Glasgow music scene, putting out releases by a wide array of great local bands, throwing the odd party of a show and generally just enjoying the well-deserved success that has been growing for a good while now. This Valentines special cover comp is indicative of a … Continue Reading ››

Tuff Love – ‘That’s Right’ [Lost Map]

Julie Eisenstein (guitar, vocals) and Suse Bear (bass, vocals) became fast friends upon crossing paths a couple of years back in Glasgow, quickly bonding over what they found to be a similar musical outlook: thankfully, they took those tastes and influences and channelled them into one of the more infectious bands of recent times, Tuff … Continue Reading ››