Live review: Bombay Bicycle Club, Rae Morris, Flyte at The Academy, 3/3/14

IMG_8854With the release of So Long See You Tomorrow being only a month prior, the anticipation in the Academy easily showcases the warm reception it has been met with.

First up on stage are young band Flyte, fronted by a wonderfully lanky chap who only takes a few bars to warm up the crowd with a sweet, delicate confidence.


They lead the crowd through gentle harmonies and a tone reminiscent of the Everly Brothers, though with an obvious edge of modernity striving to be noticed.

Endearingly, they announce their next song to be “a little darker”, and, though it is of a more serious and melancholic tone, it still communicates their almost puppy-like enthusiasm and optimism, which makes them so charming to the gathered masses.

Keen to promote their new single ‘We Are The Rain’, they manage to actually engage with the crowd, instead of being ignored over the pre-headliner buzz, as many support acts suffer through.

Rae Morris takes to the stage next, in an odd change of tone, which is woefully underappreciated in spite of her obvious talent.

With a wonderfully bushy mane, and alarmingly strong vocals (does really she even need a microphone?), Morris’ ethereal nature seems a little out of place, with her calming qualities leading the crowd to calmly detach from her set.

Bombay Bicycle Club finally hit the stage with a glorious array of artwork being displayed on screens behind them as they move through their set.

Kicking off with the opening two songs of their latest release, by the time they kick it up a gear with ‘Shuffle’ the crowd is just a blur of bodies – surging, dancing and singing to the point of almost drowning out than some of their signature riffs.

With the tantalising backing vocals of Liz Lawrence in the back, Jack Steadman gives off a kind of easy, amiable confidence that only spurs on the crowd, showcasing of vocal abilities on tracks such as ‘Eyes Off You’.

‘Feel’ truly shows off the influences of Steadman’s travels, with the faces of the band relaying their joy at the reception this experimentation has received.

Smoothly integrating older songs with their new album, both Bombay Bicycle Club and the crowd is left more than satisfied as the final notes of ‘Carry Me’ ring out.

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Words: Jo Reid
Photos Federico Plantera


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