Live Review: Ocean Colour Scene at Barrowlands, 7/12/13

ocean-1515Tonight you would be forgiven for mistaking the Barrowlands for some sort of festival without the open air, with fans wearing the bucket hats Ocean Colour Scene are known for and sitting on their friends shoulders to catch a glimpse of the band.

Bringing the Marchin’ Already tour to Glasgow, tonight has sold out and it’s easy to see why.


The band may have aged in years but lead singer Simon Fowler’s vocals have only gotten better.

Having been big in the Britpop scene in the early nineties, with albums such as Moseley Shore and Marchin’ Already, they have not only have they managed to keep the support from their original fans but have continued to grow their fan base to people of all ages.

It doesn’t matter what song the band is singing the fans belt out every word with them and even though the place is packed they use whatever space is available to bust some moves.

There is no support, instead OCS play two 50 minutes sets, with so many hits under their belt it’s understandable why they take the time to give the fans the songs they love.

Belting out tracks such as ‘Riverboat’, ‘Better Day’ and ‘Travellers Tune’ and taking the time to acknowledge and dedicate a song to the people affected by the helicopter disaster wins the hearts of Glasgow more than before, if that was even possible.


Audience participation is not something the band shies away from, they are more than eager to hold the mic to the crowd to hear them all singing, getting the crowd to stamp their feet, clap along the song and wave their hands in the air.

The band probably gets just as big a buzz as the fans do.

There’s a phenomenal cheer for an encore and when guitarist Steve Cradock comes out wearing a PSY mask and doing the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance makes the cheers and chanting of ‘OCS’ even louder.

Saving the best for last and having the whole venue singing along to ‘Caught the Train’ gives a perfect ending to a superb gig and even though it might be December we all anticipate the next Ocean Colour Scene indoor festival performance.

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Words: Lorraine Dimmock
Photos: Arpad Horvath


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