Record review: Hunter & the Bear – Dusty Road

avatars-000057019638-c8dbzb-t500x500Unsigned band Hunter & the Bear is a folk/rock band who’ve just releases new EP, Dusty Road, and one of those records that will never get old.

Over the four tracks the quality just gets better and better, each begins with a soft acoustic guitar solo, getting us ready for the main event and what is to follow doesn’t disappoint.


When vocalist Jimmy Hunter sings solo, you can instantly tell he has an amazing vocal talent and he doesn’t even need to try, however, when he’s joined during the chorus the songs instantly stand out; these boys’ vocals harmonise well.

Stand out track is ‘Dusty Road’, which starts off with the great guitar talents of Will Irvine, beginning with a soft and gentle tone and meaningful lyrics:

“Stay, watch me grow stronger than before/now we fall down this dusty road.”

What makes this stand out is the fact that as soon as these words are sung, the most upbeat guitar playing you will ever hear begins, lifting the mood of the song.

Words: Michele Kennedy


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