Record review: Harry and the Hendersons – ‘Give Me Proof/New York’s Lost Island of Lepers’ [Electric Honey]

avatars-000043839682-9n5jt3-t500x500This is the last release by Electric Honey as part of Stow College, over the years the record label presented opportunities both for young music engineers of Stow College to experience a record production and also new bands to find a starting point for their recording careers – but after this the legendary student run label is off to pastures new.

Harry and the Hendersons single will be the last release from Electric Honey as part of Stow College and it is a great way to end an era that brought us Biffy Clyro, Belle and Sebastian and Snow Patrol.


The band from Rutherglen has been gigging around Glasgow and this is their first venture into production.

The two tracks on the single have a touch of class and the decision to release on vinyl as well as download compliments their credentials.

‘Give Me Proof’ is the opener and when you listen to the introduction, strangely, you can imagine it in the background of some sort of Pixar movie.

The guitar is quirky and the repetition of different tones of voice gives the overall track a sort of Peter Frampton vibe to it.

A clash of country and pop in the chorus binds the whole song together and gives a great first impression.

The second track has a different theme and tempo, but the range in vocals is still there and personally this is my favourite out of the two tracks.

The strings really add a poetic touch to ‘New York’s Lost Island of Lepers’ and the whole thing has a feel of Arcade Fire around it.

You can imagine listening too it casually in the background, but also at a large capacity crowd where the audience is utterly silent and it pricks the hair on the back of your neck.

Even though Harry and the Hendersons have yet to release an album, the early signs are there for this band to make a big impression.

Words: Stephen Robertson


One thought on “Record review: Harry and the Hendersons – ‘Give Me Proof/New York’s Lost Island of Lepers’ [Electric Honey]”

  1. Hi , I’m afraid you have been fed some wrong information concerning Electric Honey Records . The label continues to go from strength to strength. The only change is that Stow College has merged with John Wheatley and North Glasgow College and is now known as Glasgow Kelvin College as of November 2013. Please amend your lovely review.

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