Record review – Queen Jane – Romantics


Who would have thought such unashamedly brimming sunny pop music could have been served up from the heart of Cumbernauld? Well that is exactly what is achieved in this the latest release from quartet Queen Jane.


There is a sweet sultry of swagger placed within the seven tracks on this EP, most evident on track four ‘Romance’ – jagged, quirky guitar lines parade almost intrinsically to enhance the vocal delivery.

Perhaps most interesting about this release is the warmth and honesty placed within the lyrics: “we don’t need love, we got romance” – raising the question of temporary love.

That the EP title and artwork link the music to a period of English literature that endorsed homeliness and infatuation of expression is ironic, because the main blessing on this release is how free and flowing every bite of guitar is.

There is an airiness and semblance similar to the perfect strokes of genius found on a Beach House record, crucially, though – Queen Jane create their own identity through the strong honest vocals of James McGarragle.

On closer ‘Fighting Man’ McGarragle seemingly fights off his own insecurities to lay an emphatic message of hope to the listener.

There is a bleak sadness, which is safely and delicately compensated with light swooning harmonies.

Given the right setting this song by every right should evolve into a complete beast live.

With an arsenal of strong songs now at their disposal, there is no reason why Queen Jane cannot take 2013 by the scruff of the neck and make it their own.

Words: Chris Kelman


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