Record review: Salo – Procne [Overlook]


Named after the Pasolini horror movie, Glasgow mob Salo serve up an oven warm slice of existentialistic noise with this their latest release Procne.


After the hauntingly desperate intro of ‘Fidelio’ comes an absolute car crash of constellated guitars in the form of ‘You’ve Been Here Before’.

Salo take inspiration from 80s and 90s post hardcore, that much is evident – as they blend the intensity of Drive Like Jehu with the discordance and symmetrical rhythms of Aereogramme in tracks ‘I’ve Found Your Eyes’ and ‘Malastrana’.

There lies a consistent dissemblance of quiet interludes, which are quickly interrupted by frenzied journeys into complete and utterly relentless street fights of chaotic noise.

It’s grotesque, yet strangely fascinating and beautiful.

Perhaps most crucial to this release is its vitality – rather than become safeguarded by their contemporary and arguably outdated influences – Salo smash the ball out the park and take an uninvited home run ramming undoubted relevance down the listener’s throat in the process.

This relevance is best displayed on closing track ‘Gabriel Fades’, swooning interchanging vocals smash into a wave of distorted guitars.

Caved in amongst a swirling wall of noise is a howling melody desperate to be discovered.

According to the band this EP is a preview to a full-length album due to be released next year.

If the album maintains the dripping and brimming intensity of Procne then there is little reason to suggest anything but a vibrant and impressive future for this haunting trio of noisemakers.

Words: Chris Kelman


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