Record review: Trapped In Kansas – ‘Only Child’ [Overlook]


It’s an impressive boast to receive a King Tut’s slot immediately upon the release of your first recording and that’s exactly what Trapped in Kansas can put their name to, so with each release there’s an expectation to up the game.


If Foals are the current reigning monarchy for math-rock then Trapped in Kansas are the rightful heir.

‘Only Child’ would have Brian Cox himself blush at the airy relaxed wonder on show.

Lead vocalist Finn lays his words down onto the track tenderly, cradling them under the intricate hopping of each guitar note under and over each other.

The Foals comparison is an easy one to make and one that Trapped in Kansas will find themselves hindered with.

Trapped in Kansas are among the best and they lay their claim to this solidly with ‘Only Child’, a simply beautiful track.

Words: Ryan Sharpe


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